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Driverless cars or other vehicles are a common understanding when people think about future cities. It is just a matter of time and an amount of trust that has to be build towards the concept before these kind of vehicles will be seen in our daily lives. The technology, in fact, is already developed. Cities are getting more and more crowded nowadays, so businesses in for example the food service industry need to provide more output towards the needs of their customers.
Domino’s pizza is a company that wants to keep up with its devoted customers consuming habits and also wants to push boundaries. For this reason Domino’s does now have a driverless pizza delivery service! This initiative is a small start for what is yet to come: autonomous vehicles for a more sustainable environment in the future.


Domino’s driverless pizza delivery vehicles!
Domino’s is a pizza company with a very modern and online image. Besides its fast service and customer convenience way of providing people with loads of different pizzas, Domino’s took their service to a whole new level. They are now giving people a glimpse in the future with driverless pizza delivery vehicles: the ‘Domi-No-Driver!’
The Domi-No-Driver is just an example of an autonomous vehicle, which probably will be seen more often in the future.


Why is it cool?
Autonomous vehicles are beneficial for the environment because with the censored technology they could drive in trains, which may reduce traffic jams. Traffic jams cause 2.9 billion gallons of fuel spilled every year. So if the Domi-No-Driver vehicles are electricity based with sustainable resources, the emission will reduce a lot. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, connected vehicle technology enables the exchange of anonymous, vehicle-based data regarding position, speed, and location. Vehicle-to-vehicle communications enable a vehicle to detect threats and hazards with a 360-degree awareness of the position of other vehicles (Siva R. K. Narla, 2013).
So driverless cars can provide road safety in future cities. The Domi-No-Driver saves manpower and delivers not only pizzas but also a lot of convenience to Domino’s customers.



Future growth potential
If the technology behind autonomous vehicles is explained more to the bigger mass of society, people could feel more at ease by the thought of driverless vehicles. Airplanes already take off and land on autopilot so this form of trust towards these new kinds of vehicles is already present. It is only a matter of time that people start to realize that our current ways of driving definitely need some change. The Domi-No-Driver is just the start.