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Maand: oktober, 2014

Embrace stress!

Stress can have a huge impact at us human beings. We are all individuals but we definitely have one thing in common: stress. Stress is human and it brings us together. We have to cope with stress and we’ve got the chance to manage it in our own way.

Now there is a very personal and fashionable bracelet called ‘’Olive’’ that helps you to manage your stress and gets your body in a much more healthy balance than ever before! Olive measures your heart rate, skin reactions and body temperature. It also analyses your physical activity and it can be linked to your smartphone agenda so it will understand your lifestyle.



Why you can rely on a bracelet:
The founders of Olive had a vision that stress is unavoidable so we have to embrace it, but at the same time also conquer it in a useful and helpful way.
The Olive team consists out of a group of designers, strategists and engineers. They work together with scientists and researchers from fields such as biofeedback, mindfulness, positive psychology and behavioural therapy which results in very secure en trustable data that Olive measures. Also the de-stress exercises Olive gives you, are exercises where you can really rely on. You always get the opportunity to choose for yourself if you want to do something about the way you feel at a certain point. If you’re feeling fine, that’s fine and the bracelet will measure these happy moments. But if you’re not, fancy accessory Olive is there to help.

Why is Olive so important?
In the long term, accessories like Olive can have a huge impact at us human beings because we really get in touch with our own stress. It brings us closer to ourselves and once we see the positive results this tool has, we can make it a part of our lifestyle! Everybody is pursuing to success and stress comes also with that. So besides our craving for success, we also want a much more balanced life. Olive really can help us with that.

A more relaxed and balanced life that is what Olive is all about!




Solar Freezer

The solar freezer, also called ‘’heath buffer’’ is a very unique and innovative product developed by two Dutch brothers who own the company Solar Solutions Worldwide.
The solar freezer is a sustainable energy solution that collects water in a buffer made out of rubber. First the sun collectors heat the collected water. Second a heat pump extracts the heat from the water. And finally the water gets cooled down till it turns into ice. As a result of this process a lot of energy gets produced which gets used for the warmth maintenance in a household. Also the warmth that remains gets collected into a boiler for later use.


Because of the high energy bills in today’s society, the Wolters’ brothers wanted a solution that really worked. The solar freezer practically brings the energy bills down to zero (!!). Only 3% from the total amount of our current energy bills will remain because a lot of our households have a gas cooker.
When this awesome product gets on the market it will have a huge impact on our household billings, a lot of energy will be saved for the winter and our energy bills will decrease. We will have an opportunity to contribute in a more sustainable environment, which effects us in the long-term.
Moreover the solar freezer is also very user-friendly, it can be installed in almost every household within two working days. My own conclusion is that it is a very useful product for today’s society.