Just water?

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We all know that drinking water during the day is a super important, yet simple way to keep your body hydrated. Water is healthy, nutritious and drinking enough of it can make you feel good in your own skin.
But despite of the fact that we all know about water and it’s benefits, we tend to forget to drink enough of it in our daily lives. We simply forget to make a habit out of putting a bottle of water on our desk or taking one with us regularly. Water is cheap also, so I don’t see a problem here. We just need to become aware of its benefits and we need a little bit of encouragement!


Wat is it?
The drinkUP campaign came up with the idea of a talking water fountain which encourages people who pass by and makes drinking water a lot of fun by asking questions. The technology is developed in a special way that the water fountain only talks with people when they actually ‘’take a sip’’.

Simple but cool!
It is a very fun idea because the water fountain really cares about you and it is placed in public places so people will spread the word about the talking water fountain. In addition they will become aware of the fact that they need to drink it more often. It is emerging now because it’s very interactive and it brings a little bit of joy to the people who pass by. Water is simple but healthy!

Why is it important now, but also in the future?
The fountain improves peoples’ awareness about drinking water and it brings people together because it’s placed in public places and they can share a certain reaction about the fountain. It also gives the opportunity to share something with each other. We are looking for these little things more often lately.

So are you a sipper or a gulper?

Source: http://www.youarewhatyoudrink.org/media/