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A little accident can lead to frustration.

A lot of us like to cuddle away in the evening with romantic comedies on the television. One like ‘’love and other drugs’’ with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. But the movie is not only romantic, it’s also very dramatic. One of the main contents in the movie is Parkinson’s disease. There is not much known about the disease and it’s only diagnosed when after a lot of consults and research other diseases are excluded. The patients feel very irritated and misunderstood most of the time.

In the near future there will be an app for people with Parkinson’s disease in an early stage!
People can download the app and it will track symptoms like little movements or a deteriorated ability of coordination. Every 20 micro seconds data will be saved for doctors.


It is very innovative because it improves the credibility for all the people who think they have Parkinson’s disease but no doctor will confirm it. Now they will know at an early stage what to do and they can get prepared very well for what will come in their near future regarding to this unfortunate disease. The patients will have closer and better contact with the collaborating doctors. Also the information the app collects can be very valuable for doctors and the consequences of this data could be groundbreaking!

It’s like having your own personal doctor in your pocket!

What does it mean for people in the near future?
The app will give people who download it a certain expertise. It shows us that we need to be alert at an early stage. There isn’t a lot of knowledge about Parkinson’s disease and this app will lead to more early measures that can be taken. It will emerge because it’s easy to download and it’s in our nature that we want to take precautions.